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Web Informant, October 9, 2016: The view from the top: leading CIOs talk
about today’s tech challenges

As part of writing and curating a twice-weekly security newsletter that I
am doing for Inside.com, I get to talk to a series of CIOs from around the
country about their challenges and triumphs. It is definitely becoming a
tougher job these days (being a CIO that is, not my  reporting). Malware is
everywhere, exploits are getting more insidious, and it doesn’t matter what
kind of company you are: eventually you will become a target for someone.
You can go to this link to see all of the interviews that I have posted on
my blog <http://blog.strom.com/wp/?cat=94>, and you can also subscribe to
this and other newsletters <http://inside.com> if you want to see more of
this CIO series, along with other critical news about the latest exploits,
tools, and reports.

This week I interview David Goodman, an IT professional that I have known
since I started my business back in 1992. I first met him when he was doing
IT for the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. I had an opportunity to test
some products there, and it was cool to be able to go behind the galleries
to see my NetWare server. (I know, I am dating myself.)

Goodman now works as the CIO in Residence for NetHope. They are a
non-profit support organization that is a resource for the world’s major
aid organizations, and Goodman has been working on improving the quality of
their infosec and other IT offerings. Prior to that he worked as the CIO
for the International Rescue Committee, which helps to resettle refugees
from conflict areas around the world. If you think you have a problem with
theft of office equipment, you probably haven’t had to deal with armed
militias that have threatened your office and taken your PCs at gunpoint.

Goodman has told me in the past that running an IT operation at a
non-profit is a particularly frustrating experience, because few IT vendors
focus on their needs or understand the context under which they operate.
Many of the international non-profits that he supports at NetHope have at
most one IT staffer, and some have no one with any IT background there.

I think you’ll find the series of interviews interesting. Previously I have
interviewed the CIO for a small liberal arts college and the IT manager for
a DC-based trade association. If you would like to be the subject of an
upcoming article in this series, drop me a note.
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